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St. Ann Catholic School provides an excellent academic program in English and language arts, math, science, social studies, religion, technology, physical education, and the arts.

The following are the main goals of learning at St. Ann Catholic School.

  • Students will express awareness of God’s love demonstrated through a deep relationship with God, an understanding of Catholic teaching, and application of these teachings to life situations and decision-making.
  • Students will show respect for life in all its forms and accept stewardship of all gifts
  • Students will show respect for and appreciate the diversity among individuals and cultures.
  • Students will identify their own strengths and weaknesses, use self-discipline, take academic risks, and demonstrate personal responsibility creating a positive self-concept.
  • Students will identify their preferred learning style and use effective organizational study skills.
  • Students will effectively participate in group decision-making and problem solving.
  • Students will participate as effective citizens in society with wisdom and compassion.
  • Students will apply research design, implement plans, and present results.
  • Students will use technology in order to find information and solve problems in a variety of subject areas.
  • Students will apply knowledge across the curricular areas and demonstrate flexibility and adaptability in everyday life experiences.
  • Students will communicate effectively, appropriately, clearly, and creatively in a variety of methods.
  • Students will demonstrate independent and adaptable thinking.
  • Students will demonstrate curiosity and perseverance.