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Application/Registration Process

Prospective Students

Students can register at any time throughout the year but registration for the fall typically begins the last week of January. We do have a maximum class size of 25 and will put students on a waiting list if necessary. Here you will find the registration forms to be printed and returned to the office. If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact Ms Maggie Jost, Secretary, in the St. Ann School Office, at (314) 381-0113.

Visit and Experience St. Ann Catholic School VisitJulie Thompson Emerson Excellence Award Winner

Prospective students and their parents are encouraged to schedule a visit to St. Ann Catholic School to meet with school representatives and teachers, as well as experience what it’s like to spend a day at our school.

1. Application forms

Fill out our simple application form including basic information about your student and family, past educational experiences, and any special academic needs and considerations your student may have. Transfer students will need to fill out a form to request records directly from their previous schools.

Please contact the school office to begin the application.

If you are interested in applying for an Alive in Christ! Scholarship, please use this link to get more information and to apply.

 2. Campus Visit and Conference

After the application and records are submitted, St. Ann administration will contact and invite each applicant family to visit the school, tour the campus, and conference briefly to discuss potential enrollment and placement at St. Ann. A meeting with the student and parent(s)/guardian(s) is an important way to showcase our school to potential students and learn more about the strengths that each family brings to our school community. Prospective parents and students make an appointment to meet with Mr. Reft, the school principal, by calling Ms. Jost, the school secretary, at (314) 381-0113. During the interview, Mr. Reft will further explain the registration process and answer any questions the family might have.

4. Admission Decision

After a campus visit and conference have taken place, St. Ann administration will make a final determination for admittance and enrollment at St. Ann. Upon admittance, students and their families will be notified by the school and will be invited to complete their enrollment forms. The admission decision will be made after Mr. Reft reviews academic records for any transferring student. A placement test might be required for transfer students. Kindergarten students must complete the kindergarten screening process. Parents will be informed of the admission decision by a phone call. Registration is not complete until all registration fees have been paid.

*We strongly encourage all prospective students to submit their registration materials by February 28th. However, St. Ann Catholic School does accept registration materials year-round to accommodate students whose schedules do not allow for a February registration. 

Returning Students

Re-registration takes place online on Edu-Connect. Information about the re-registration process will be sent out then. The completed forms will be due back to school the first week of March.  Please call the school office if you have any questions. If you have any questions about these procedures, please contact Ms. Maggi Jost, Secretary, in the St. Ann School Office, [email protected] or (314) 381-0113.

All applications from current students received after February 28th will be considered new applications and acceptance is not guaranteed but contingent on space and the discretion of administrators. We do have a maximum class size of 25 and will put students on a waiting list if necessary.