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Veteran’s Day Visitor

Sargeant Joiner

On Veteran’s Day, Sgt. Ben Joiner visited each classroom at St. Ann.  Sgt Joiner is the husband of our 3rd grade teacher, Renee Joiner.  He is a veteran of the Iraq war and returned this summer from his deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.   Sgt Joiner spoke to the 4th and 5th grade students about the importance of self-discipline and respect for authority.  He mentioned how important it is to study and do well in school, especially if you want a career in the military.  In the lower block, Sgt. Joiner told the students about his training (lots of push ups and running) and his love for the United States of America. He was also able to answer 1st grade questions such as “How much does a tank weigh?” Sgt. Joiner told the upper block about his medals and how he earned them.  He told the students that he knew in 2nd grade he wanted to be in the military. His mom even made him a military uniform for Halloween.

It was a privilege to have Sgt.Joiner spend the day with us.  He was a wonderful speaker, humble yet full of pride for service and his country. Sgt. Joiner’s visit was an outstanding Veteran’s Day lesson for students and teachers alike.

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