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A Million Thanks…

A million thanks to all the families, students, and UMSL volunteers who helped during the 3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. At one point during the day there were at least 60 people busy painting the main hall, cleaning every classroom and stairwell, and washing walls in the restrooms. There was even a group at work outside removing the last of the bushes under the large pine tree by church. That area is going to become a Memorial Garden in memory of Mr. Wiedmann. The weather was so beautiful that we enjoyed our pizza lunch outside under the pavilion. God gave us many blessings on Monday!


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2011 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

The UMSL Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service was a BIG success. Millions of thanks to the parents who helped:  Beth Hohenstein, Jim O’Donnell, Karen Hubbard, Martha Philipp, Francesca Ferrari, Chris Sullivan, Joan Dunker, Christy Buchek, Cheri and Mark Smith.  Thanks also to the students: David Hubbard. Chase and Cole Philipp, Elyse and Lauryn Bonner, Matteo and Federica Sullivan, Moira, Laynie, Collin, and Ava Smith.

Thanks to the parishioners:  Mary Nahm and Sue Reid who are both Mr. Reid’s sisters.  There were also 16 UMSL volunteers and 8 community volunteers.

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