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Delilah’s Wish

Delilah's Wish

On Wednesday grades 1,2,4 and 5 attended a play entitled Delilah’s Wish.  The play was sponsored by the Metro Theater Company and was performed at the Natural Bridge Library.   Mariah L. Richardson wrote and performed Delilah’s Wish.   The main character was an 8 year old girl named Delilah who lived in a diverse North St. Louis Community. She experienced challenges with her school and her neighbors as she waited for her mother to return from Iraq.
At the end of the play Ms. Richardson took time to answer questions from the students. When asked about her inspiration for the character Delilah, Ms. Richardson said she based Delilah on a childhood friend of hers who attended St. Ann School!  Thanks to our “library lady” Ms. Jeanne for inviting us!  Thanks also to the Metro Theater Company for providing us the opportunity to experience live theater!
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Rosa Parks Sits Down & Takes a Stand

On Friday May 20th the 2nd grade performed the play Rosa Parks Sits Down and Takes a Stand.

Set in 1955-56, the play re-enacts Rosa Parks historical decision to keep her seat on a Montgomery city bus. Other characters in the play were Martin Luther King Jr., Edgar D. Nixon, the policeman, the bus driver, the narrators and (of course) the bus riders!.

Due to the large number of second graders, the play was performed twice with two different casts. The students did a fantastic job of memorizing their lines and following the director’s directions! Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and prayer pals who attended the performance!

Rosa Parks Photo 1

Rosa Parks Photo 2

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