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Stations of the Cross

The St. Ann school community gathers in the gym every morning at 8:10 for prayer. Each class takes weekly turns leading the teachers, students and parents in prayer and song. The 8th grade has been acting out one station of the cross each morning. Their prayer encourages the students to “look into their hearts” to understand how Jesus’ suffering can help them understand the difficulties they face in their own lives.

Stations of the Cross

St. Ann Opera & Step Team Performance

On Wednesday March 18th the St. Ann community was treated to three operas and a step team performance. Mr. Jermaine Smith, a professional opera singer and St. Ann parent, worked with the 5th, 6th and 7th grade on writing and performing an opera.

Mr. Fisher, our music teacher, composed the music and accompanied the performances. Not to be outdone, some students from Kindergarten thru 4th grade put on a step team performance that energized the crowd and capped off the evening. Sixth grader Jessica Doyle assisted Mr. Smith with the step team.

Bravo everyone! It was an incredible evening.

St. Ann Step Team

St. Ann Opera