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2013 8th Grade Musical

2013 St. Ann 8th Grade Musical

Shiver me timbers! St. Ann’s 8th grade class (with a few 7th graders, too) put on “Capt. Bree and Her Lady Pirates” on Feb. 7-9 to sold out crowds! High jinx on the high seas is what happened when Capt. Bree and her lady pirates captured the sailing vessel, the Kayla May, filled not with treasures, but with crazy crew members, prisoners, high society passengers and a captain not sure of who is running the ship. The pirates ransom off the captives to the British fleet for gold, and while waiting for a response to their ransom note, they entertain themselves by teaching one of the captives how to be a pirate, and threatening the others with walking the plank. Swordfights, singing and dancing kept this musical hoppin’ for three fun nights of entertainment!

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You can also view photos from the event via this link. Prints are available for purchase as well, or you can choose to download photos for free and print at home.

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Don’t Say No To The USO

This year’s spring musical “Don’t Say NO to the USO” at St. Ann Catholic School was another huge success. The musical was performed by the 8th grade class along with some 7th graders to help round out the cast. The students began rehearsals the week after Thanksgiving and performed the play the first weekend in March. This is also the 70th anniversry of the USO, so the students donated a portion of the play proceeds to the USO organization.

The play was directed and choreographed by Mrs. Chris Hudson, our school secretary, and Mrs. Jane Kayser, a former St. Ann teacher.

Mr. Al Fischer, our music teacher, was a huge help in teaching the students all the music.

Below is a video remix of photos taken during the March 5th performance.

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2011 8th Grade Musical

Where does a young soldier go to relax during wartime?  Why to the good ol’ U.S.O.!  Come join the fun at the Brooklyn, New York U.S.O, where the jukebox is jivin’ and the coffee is flowin’!  But the war isn’t far away.  Ships leaving the nearby Navy yard are being sunk by enemy U-boats.  Could there be a spy hiding out at the club?  Join Pvt. Kilroy and a cast of characters as they encounter espionage and intrigue while swinging away to the music of the 1940’s!  Come join the 8th grade class (with some 7th graders thrown in) as they put on the musical “Don’t Say No to the U.S.O.”  Performance dates are Thursday, March 3rd – Saturday, March 5th, 2011 at 7 pm each night.

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