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Field Day

Pray for sunshine!  We are already looking forward to all the fun events and activities.  Students will be assigned to teams with each team having at least 1 student from every grade.  The 8th graders will be team captains and cheerleaders.  The teams will each be assigned a color to wear.  It is a beautiful rainbow out on the fiel

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St. Ann Field Day 2009


Field Day is one of the most anticipated St. Ann events of the year! On May 5th,  perfect weather and fun games made this Field Day one of the best ever.  The students dressed out in their team colors and met on the field after lunch. After a prayer from Father Bill and the singing of the National Anthem (led by the 8th grade) the games were started!  Each team had an 8th grade captain.  Everyone agreed the 8th graders did a wonderful job of cheering on their team and encouraging fair play.  There was a high jump, a 50 yard dash, soccer and water relays capture the flag, hurdles and a buddy walk.  Afterward, the whole student body received popsicles and relaxed with their friends.

Thanks to Mr. Reid who organized the event and all the parents who showed up to volunteer and cheer for the students.   Thanks also to all the St. Ann students for playing fair and wishing each other well. It was a great day!




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