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2012 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

3rd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

Monday, Jan. 16, 2013 | 9 AM – 2 PM

Please plan to join the school faculty, volunteers from UMSL, and other school families for a Day of Service at St. Ann Catholic School. Students in grades 4-8 are welcome to help, too. We hope to have babysitting available for the younger students.

Last year, volunteers cleaned the science lab, painted the hallway area outside the science lab and the 2nd floor hallway, and cleaned many other areas. This year we plan to concentrate a lot of effort in our front hallway painting, cleaning, and re-decorating the space. We also hope to do some electrical work.

If we have enough volunteers we can accomplish so much!

Please mark you calendar now and let the office (381-0113) know if you can help. We want to be sure to have enough food for lunch for everyone!

You can also register through UMSL at  The name of our group is “St. Ann Catholic School.

You will receive a free MLK Day of Service T-shirt as well as a free breakfast at the UMSL Student Center and a free lunch at St. Ann School.

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2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service

Jan. 17, 2011, will be our 2nd annual Day of Service.  We have been chosen as a project site for the University of Missouri MLK Day of Service.  Volunteers from UMSL will join volunteer parents, parishioners, and teachers to give St. Ann School an early spring cleaning.  Please contact the school office (381-0113) to volunteer.  We want to make sure that we have enough lunch for everyone!

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2010 St. Ann Garage Sale

St. Ann Garage Sale

It’s garage sale time again! The Annual St. Ann Garage Sale begins on Saturday, October 23th. We are in need of usable items to sell so go ahead and free up some square footage in your house by bringing your tax deductible donations to the Parish Center starting Sunday, October 17th at 1 PM until Thursday, October 22nd 7 PM. Please remember pick up your tax-deduction form on the bar counter.

You are twice blessed if you put your donated items where they belong in the Parish Center!

Contact Bob Reid at [email protected] or (314) 599-8433 if you need donations picked up (the earlier in the week the better)


8. You get to meet and hang out with other wonderful, awesome volunteers

7. Teachers get to pick items to further enhance the learning in their classrooms

6. Leftover items benefit a number of charities, inc. Kidney Foundation, Our Lady of Guadalupe (books for their sale), homeless gentlemen in south St. Louis, and Remains (which distributes items to 3rd World countries)

5. Volunteer hours will go toward SACPO obligation

4. Donating items makes your house seem bigger by freeing up space

3. Donating items makes you eligible for charitable tax deduction

2. Proceeds and items benefit Vincent de Paul Society assisting needy folks in our area

1. Proceeds benefit our favorite grade school – St. Ann of Normandy

The best times to volunteer are:

10/17 thru 10/22 anytime between 1 and 7 to help sort, fold, hang, organize. (Even if you can just come for a little while)

10/23 between 8 and 3. 10/24 between 9 and 1. Call Bob Reid at (314) 599-8433 if you can help out on the day of the sale

10/24 at 1:00 to box and bag up leftovers for charities and perhaps take a van or truckful up to Value Village.

Thank you in advance for helping us out!

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2010 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service

2010 MLK, Jr. Day of Service 01

St. Ann Catholic School was chosen as a project site for the UMSL Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. A group of 7th-8th grade students provided free babysitting supervised by a parent volunteer. A team of 30 St. Ann School teachers, parents, students, and parishioners arrived in the morning of Monday, January 18, 2010. They got busy cleaning the halls, stairways, Science Lab, and cafeteria. They painted walls in the main hallway, the 5th grade classroom, and the 4th and 5th grade stairwells. They scraped paint in the cafeteria and repainted those walls. An UMSL team of 7 volunteers arrived after noon with lunches for our 30 school volunteers and paint for the Science Lab and the cafeteria. The UMSL team painted the Science Lab and helped to clean the cafeteria. An enormous amount of work was accomplished!

Mark your calendars for January 17, 2011. We will be asking for volunteer help from parents and students for the 2nd annual event! We hope to be chosen as an UMSL project site again next year, too.

Below are some photos taken during the Day of Service.

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