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Uniform Policy

While we hope that the students of St. Ann Catholic school are identifiable by their virtues, they are most easily recognized by their uniform. The Catholic School uniform has been an icon of quality faith-based education for generations. Our uniform reminds our students that we are a community. As students walk into the classroom, they do so as peers placing all their external differences aside to learn and grow together. The uniform and what it represents challenges students to live up to the standards of our community. 

According to Archdiocesan Policy, Students are expected to dress and present an appearance consistent with standards of good taste and appropriate for school and school events. Any dress or wearing of insignia which conveys the image of gang membership, supports the beliefs of hate groups, makes sexual innuendos, or promotes drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is inappropriate for school and should not be allowed. It is the responsibility of parents to send their children to school in the proper uniform. The following information serves as a guide. It can be changed or modified, as needed, during the school year as fads and trends develop. St. Ann jumpers and skirts may be purchased new at Fischer’s School Uniforms. Many department, clothing, and general stores (JCPenney, Target, WalMart, Old Navy, Kohl’s) have clothing that adheres to our uniform policy. You may also contact the office regarding used school uniforms or school sweats.

Please consult the Uniform Policies in the Parent /Student Handbook for further details.
Please use the information below only as an overview of key uniform policies. We encourage you to download the full uniform policy and become familiar with its contents before your child begins school in the fall.


  • All students must wear a white or navy blue collared shirt.
  • Shirts may not have monograms or logos.
  • Only white undergarments/undershirts may be worn under uniform shirt.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

  • Only St. Ann School Sweatshirts are approved for wear.
  • Plain navy sweaters that zip or button are allowed.
  • No hoods are allowed on sweaters.
  • Plain navy sweatshirts are NOT allowed.

Pants & Shorts

  • All pants and shorts must be navy blue.
  • Capri pants, carpenter, board or carpenter pants and shorts are NOT allowed, nor is denim.
  • Shorts may not be more than 3 inches above the knee or 1 inch below the knee and may not be longer than skirt or jumper.

Jumpers & Skirts

  • Girls in grades K-5 may wear a St. Ann uniform jumper.
  • Girls in grades 6-8 may wear a St. Ann uniform skirt.
  • Skirts and jumpers must not be more than three inches above the knee.
  • If shorts are worn, they should be navy blue uniform shorts.
  • During cold weather, PLAIN navy blue, black, or grey sweatpants, or St. Ann school sweatpants, may be worn under the jumper or skirt.


  • SOLID white, black, grey, or navy socks are to be worn. Minimal logos are allowed but must be white, black, navy, or grey
  • Socks must be seen outside the shoe.


  • Must be dark brown, black, or navy blue with a plain buckle.
  • Grades 3-8 must wear belts.


  • Tennis shoes of any color pattern are allowed. No glitter, sequin, metallic, or light up patterns are allowed. Brown or black dress shoes with a flat heel may be worn.
  • Students must wear tennis shoes to PE.