Rooted in Faith

Consistent with our belief that we are co-workers with parents in educating their children in the ways of faith and our dedication to diversity, we deeply respect, value, and include the variety of faith traditions represented in our student body. While staying true to our Catholic faith, we encourage students to live the faith they have received from their parents.

From the very beginning, St. Ann Catholic School has educated children of all faiths. Faith is the “why” of St. Ann Catholic School. The church community subsidizes the cost of the school because, as Catholics, we see St. Ann Catholic School as an important and necessary service to the whole community. Students will also receive instruction on the principles of social justice.

Service is an essential element of our curriculum. School-wide and classroom-specific service projects allow students to connect to our community and show the face of Jesus to people in need. Students will learn the joy of service from collecting food for the hungry to helping maintain the streams that flow through our neighborhood.

At St. Ann, students study the Catholic faith with a religion curriculum covering key topics like Church culture and history, morality, Sacred Scripture, and the Sacraments. Even students who come to St. Ann without any faith tradition will benefit from learning these teachings. The example of Jesus Christ as lived in the Catholic church inspires over a billion people in the world today and have shaped the world in which we live. This faith has inspired masterpieces by Michelangelo, works of genius from Mozart, and the charity of Mother Theresa. At St. Ann Catholic School, we are proud of our faith and believe it will inspire all who encounter it.

The staff, students, and families of St. Ann work together to bring our school community closer to one another and closer to Jesus Christ. St. Ann students have many opportunities for prayer and personal reflection:

  • Weekly All-School Mass led by students
  • Rosary
  • School Chapel
  • Monthly Benediction and Eucharistic Adoration
  • Opportunities and practice for individual meditation and prayer
  • Daily Examen Prayer
  • Morning prayer as a whole school every day
  • Study of the Bible



St. Ann Catholic School is a diverse Christian community devoted to providing a comprehensive curriculum and a learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. St. Ann School promotes the mission of the Catholic Church in a loving family atmosphere.


Each person is viewed as a unique individual created in the image and likeness of God, with special gifts to be nurtured and developed.


It is the aim of St. Ann School to achieve excellence in all aspects of the school and to create an environment in which all students are challenged to actualize their potential in a loving atmosphere of discipline and self-control.


St. Ann of Normandy is a Catholic school, which strives to help students know, understand, and live the gospel message of the Catholic Church


St. Ann Catholic School relies on the generous support of our community and alumni. Generations of alumni look fondly on their time at St. Ann and continue to connect and reminisce. You can support St. Ann Catholic School in many ways.