GROW – Teaching the whole child

The word ‘talent’ comes from Jesus in the Gospels. Jesus instructed his followers to invest in their God-given gifts and to use them to serve others. Each student is challenged to be the best version of themselves and to work toward being the person they were made to become!

  • Students graduate with a well-rounded background rooted in academic skills and extracurricular experiences.
  • For generations St. Ann has been known as ‘The Rock of Normandy,’ serving a diverse congregation and student body for over 165 years in the same location. Our community extends beyond the doors of the school and spreads into the parish, the neighborhood, and beyond. Many of the teachers and staff live in the parish and send their children to St. Ann.
  • St. Ann Catholic School is like a family. We’re a small school, and there is a real sense of community within the student body. Parents greet each other in the neighborhood and everyone pitches in to help out.
  • Each student has a buddy and each classroom has a buddy class. Buddy classes meet at least once per month for special activities.
  • The school calendar is highlighted with fun traditions like Fine Arts Night, The Sprenke Soccer Tournament, Family Day, Speech Meets, Robotics competitions, and more.
  • As a neighborhood school we are invested in our neighborhood. We cooperate and serve with our nearby community organizations like UMSL, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, The City of Normandy, Epworth and the Department of Natural Resources.

Celebrating Diversity

St. Ann Catholic School boasts a unique dynamic of racial, cultural, socioeconomic, and spiritual diversity that is celebrated on the backdrop of over 165 years of tradition. From the beginning, St. Ann Catholic School served children of all faiths in the local community. The changing demographics and social landscape of the surrounding communities have been recognized and embraced by the school and parish community. With a student body that is over 50% non-white and 50% non-Catholic, St. Ann’s diversity is celebrated and draws families from zip codes around St. Louis to a Catholic education experience unlike most in our region. The school’s diversity is a point of pride and strength as students learn, play, and grow with friends and classmates of varying cultural and social backgrounds.


St. Ann Catholic School is a diverse Christian community devoted to providing a comprehensive curriculum and a learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. St. Ann School promotes the mission of the Catholic Church in a loving family atmosphere.


Each person is viewed as a unique individual created in the image and likeness of God, with special gifts to be nurtured and developed.


It is the aim of St. Ann School to achieve excellence in all aspects of the school and to create an environment in which all students are challenged to actualize their potential in a loving atmosphere of discipline and self-control.


St. Ann of Normandy is a Catholic school, which strives to help students know, understand, and live the gospel message of the Catholic Church


St. Ann Catholic School relies on the generous support of our community and alumni. Generations of alumni look fondly on their time at St. Ann and continue to connect and reminisce. You can support St. Ann Catholic School in many ways.