Tentative 2021-2022 Calendar

August-12 full days

August 3rd-BTS Parent Meeting
August 5th-BTS Parent Meeting
August 9th-13th-Back To School Staff
August 10th-BTS Parent Meeting
August 12th-Popsicle Social
August 16th-1st day of school
August 24th-Back To School Night

September 20 full days

September 2nd-6th grade parent meeting
September 3rd- NO SCHOOL PLT
September 6th-Labor Day NO SCHOOL
September 16th-8th Grade Parent Meeting
September 20-24-ITBS Testing

October 18 full days, 2 half days

October 1st-Noon Dismissal-Staff Meeting
October 8th-End of Q1 (38 days)
October 15th-Report Cards
October 21st-Noon Dismissal & Parent Teacher Conferences 1-8 pm
October 22nd-NO SCHOOL
October 29th-Halloween Parties & Fright Night

November 18 full days 1 half-day

November 1st-Saints Mass
November 4th-Reconciliation Parent Meeting
November 5th-NO SCHOOL -Staff Meeting & PLT
November 11th-Veterans Day
November 18th-Wine & Cheese Social
November 24th-Noon Dismissal & Family Day
November 25th-26th-Thanksgiving
November 28th-Advent Starts

December-12 full days, 1 half day

December 3rd-Noon Dismissal-Staff Meeting
December 8th-Immaculate Conception
December 17th-Christmas Parties–Q2 ends (46 days)

January 19 full days

January 3rd-back to school
January 7th-Report Cards
January 14th-NO SCHOOL-Staff meeting & PLT
January 17th-Dr. MLK Jr. Day-NO SCHOOL

February 18 full days, 1 half day

February 4th-Noon Dismissal-Staff Meeting
February 5th-Trivia Night
February 14th-Valentine’s Parties
February 21st-NO SCHOOL Presidents Day

March 17 full days

March 2nd-Ash Wednesday
March 4th-NO SCHOOL-Staff Meet & PLT
March 18th-First Communion Parent Meeting
March 19th-End of Q3 (51 days)
March 21st-March 26th-Spring Break NO SCHOOL

April 17 full days 1 half day

April 1st-Report Cards-Noon Dismissal-Staff Meeting 
April 14th-April 18th-Easter Break
April 30th-AUCTION

May 18 full days 2 half days

May 1st-First Communion
May 4th-May Crowning
May 6th-Noon Dismissal-PLT
May 9th-13th-Spirit Week
May 13th-Field Day
May 26th-Last Day for 8th grade-7th & 8th picnic
May 27th-Noon Dismissal Last Day of School-Graduation @6pm
May 27th-Q4 ends (42 days)

Q1-38 days Q2-46 days Q3-51 days Q4-42 days Total-177 days


St. Ann Catholic School is a diverse Christian community devoted to providing a comprehensive curriculum and a learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential. St. Ann School promotes the mission of the Catholic Church in a loving family atmosphere.


Each person is viewed as a unique individual created in the image and likeness of God, with special gifts to be nurtured and developed.


It is the aim of St. Ann School to achieve excellence in all aspects of the school and to create an environment in which all students are challenged to actualize their potential in a loving atmosphere of discipline and self-control.


St. Ann of Normandy is a Catholic school, which strives to help students know, understand, and live the gospel message of the Catholic Church


St. Ann Catholic School relies on the generous support of our community and alumni. Generations of alumni look fondly on their time at St. Ann and continue to connect and reminisce. You can support St. Ann Catholic School in many ways.