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Support Services


Care Team

St. Ann School implemented a Care Team at the beginning of the 2009-10 school year. It is a school-based team that works together to make positive changes in the lives of students. The Care Team is composed of specially trained teachers, the principal, and a mental health consultant. The objectives of the Care Team are to:

  • Identify at risk students (academic, behavioral, emotional)
  • Create a comprehensive list of interventions and resources
  • Create an individualized plan of recommendations for each Care Team student
  • Support teachers by providing additional interventions, strategies and resources

Care team meets once a month. Any school professional may propose an at-risk student for the Care team to address. The team is led by the school principal. The mental health consultant functions as a professional resource for the group. The time and resources spent by the Care team exemplifies St. Ann Catholic School’s focus on the value of each and every child.

Counseling Services

St. Ann is able to offer counseling services through three different sources.

Catholic Family Services: CFS provides a licensed therapist who possesses either a master’s degree or doctorate in psychology or social work. St. Ann’s counselor comes once a week for the entire day. She sees students individually and in small groups. At the teacher’s request, she can work with the whole classroom on issues ranging from time management to bullying.

West County Psychological: St. Ann has contracted the services of Amy Maus MSW, LCSW. Ms. Maus meets with the Care Team once a month. She does educational testing, observations and strategizing with the teachers. She also meets with parents to help develop plans for student success. Ms. Maus brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and has been a key force in helping St. Ann teachers meet the needs of every student.

UMSL Master’s Counseling Program: St. Ann has partnered with University of Mo – St. Louis’ Masters Counseling program. St. Ann provides the Master Level students with a practicum site. In return, St. Ann receives the services of dedicated counselors wanting to make a difference in children’s lives. These counselors work with students individually, or in small groups. At a teacher’s request they will work with an entire classroom.

If you would like to request counseling for your child please download the Counseling Permission form and submit it to the school office with the required information.